On our way to headless - A transition in progress

, Decoupled Days

Open Social is a community building solution that is sold as SaaS product and is also available as an open source Drupal distribution. With customers running off of the same product and many sites in the open source community feeling the impact of our decisions, there are many things that we need to consider.

In this session I cover our ongoing project of moving from a coupled Drupal + Twig set-up to a decoupled project. The session covers why we chose the technologies we have so far (ReasonML, React and GraphQL); how we plan to keep serving the Drupal community while transitioning from a Drupal theme and how we deal with open source with these different technologies and a new product architecture. The session revolves around technical decisions and the challenges we haven’t solved yet.

With this session I hope to contribute to the ongoing debate in Drupal about how to adopt decoupled paradigms and shed a bit of light on ReasonML as a strong alternative to TypeScript/Flow.


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