Below is an overview of the talks that I have given at meetups and conferences.

On our way to headless - A transition in progress

, Decoupled Days 2020
Practice is more difficult than theory, but theory can be difficult too. In this session I covered Open Social's ongoing project of moving from a coupled Drupal + Twig set-up to a decoupled project with React and ReasonML. What have we figured out already and what are still open questions for us?

Multilingualism makes better programmers - a look beyond PHP and JavaScript

, DrupalCon Europe
One of Drupal 8’s leading goals was to “get off the island”. We’ve made huge strides in adopting PHP standards and including other libraries to replace custom built solutions. However, in the day-to-day live of a Drupal developer we only touch one or two programming languages. In my talk I want to continue our journey of leaving the island by showing interesting developments of other programming languages and how we can use what they’ve come up with in our own use of PHP and Javascript.

Multilingualism makes better programmers - a look beyond PHP and JavaScript

, Drupaljam:XL
This talk takes a look outside of PHP and Javascript and explores what other programming languages have to offer. Although not all features are supported in PHP or Javascript, most concepts can be transferred.

Beyond Javascript - Using the features of tomorrow

, Twente.js Meetup
In this meetup of local Javascript developers, I presented in front of about 30 people. In my presentation I discussed some of the new features that are available in ES6 and how you can use these with Babel.

Maintaining a Drupal Module: Keep It Small and Simple

, DrupalJam
This DrupalJam 2018 session is about the work I have done towards the Drupal 8 2.0 version of the Real-Time SEO module. The talk is aimed at Drupal developers with an intermediate understanding of Drupal core APIs (most notably the Form API, Field API and Entity API).